Hiring employees: a guide for new employers

Recruit talent to your organisation.

You may have been operating as a company of one, but realised it's time to hire employees to help your business goals.


Hiring employees in Singapore isn't just as simple as posting a job ad and making employment offers. Yes, these are vital stages of the employment process, but there are other administrative matters to handle that you may not have thought of.

Apart from that, you'll also need to sign an employment contract with your new hire. Do you have one prepared?

Even if you're a seasoned employer, it's worth refreshing your understanding of the hiring process—especially with the hiring of remote employees being now in vogue. Read our new article to learn:

  • The steps to follow for hiring employees in Singapore
  • Special considerations for hiring remote and/or foreign employees
  • Ongoing employer obligations after adding staff to your payroll

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