As an employer, you are responsible for workplace safety

What does that mean?

A few weeks ago, it was reported that a Director and his company had been fined $60,000 and $250,000 respectively after pleading guilty to a charge under the Workplace Safety and Health Act over a worker's fall that led to his death. His company was fined for its role in the offence. More recently, Singapore reported its 40th workplace fatality this year when a Grab driver passed away in a traffic accident involving a bus, a lorry and his car.

Workplace safety covers all workplaces ranging from construction, factories and offices and could occur within an office building or outdoors. As it is the employer’s duty to protect their employees from harm, failure to comply with these requirements can lead to penalties such as fines or imprisonment.

Read our article to learn more about:

  • Workplace safety and health obligations of employers and other stakeholders
  • The penalties for Workplace safety and health (WSHA) offences and how offenders will be investigated and sentenced for them
  • Practical steps employers can take to ensure the safety, health and welfare of their employees

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